Index of values

addchar [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_addchar documentation.
addlstring [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_addlstring documentation.
addstring [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_addstring documentation.
addvalue [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_addvalue documentation.
argcheck [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_argcheck documentation.
argerror [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_argerror documentation.
atpanic [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_atpanic documentation.

buffinit [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_buffinit documentation.

call [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_call documentation.
callmeta [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_callmeta documentation.
checkany [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_checkany documentation.
checkint [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_checkint documentation.
checkinteger [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_checkinteger documentation.
checklong [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_checklong documentation.
checklstring [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_checklstring documentation.
checknumber [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_checknumber documentation.
checkoption [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_checkoption documentation.
checkstack [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_checkstack documentation.
checkstack [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_checkstack documentation.
checkstring [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_checkstring documentation.
checktype [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_checktype documentation.
checkudata [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_checkudata documentation.
concat [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_concat documentation.
cpcall [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_cpcall documentation.
createtable [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_createtable documentation.

default_gc [Lua_api_lib]
This is the default "__gc" function attached to any new userdatum created with newuserdata.
dofile [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_dofile documentation.
dostring [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_dostring documentation.
dump [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_dump documentation.

environindex [Lua_api_lib]
Pseudo-index to access the environment of the running C function.
equal [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_equal documentation.
error [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_error documentation.
error [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_error documentation.

gc [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_gc documentation.
getfenv [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_getfenv documentation.
getfield [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_getfield documentation.
getglobal [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_getglobal documentation.
getmetafield [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_getmetafield documentation.
getmetatable [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_getmetatable documentation.
getmetatable [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_getmetatable documentation.
gettable [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_gettable documentation.
gettop [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_gettop documentation.
globalsindex [Lua_api_lib]
Pseudo-index to access the thread environment (where global variables live).
gsub [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_gsub documentation.

insert [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_insert documentation.
int_of_lua_type [Lua_api_lib]
Convert a lua_type into an integer.
int_of_thread_status [Lua_api_lib]
Convert a thread_status into an integer.
isboolean [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_isboolean documentation.
iscfunction [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_iscfunction documentation.
isfunction [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_isfunction documentation.
islightuserdata [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_islightuserdata documentation.
isnil [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_isnil documentation.
isnone [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_isnone documentation.
isnoneornil [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_isnoneornil documentation.
isnumber [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_isnumber documentation.
isstring [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_isstring documentation.
istable [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_istable documentation.
isthread [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_isthread documentation.
isuserdata [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_isuserdata documentation.

lessthan [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_lessthan documentation.
load [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_load documentation.
loadbuffer [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_loadbuffer documentation.
loadfile [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_loadfile documentation.
loadstring [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_loadstring documentation.
lua_type_of_int [Lua_api_lib]
Convert an integer into a lua_type.

make_gc_function [Lua_api_lib]
This function takes an Lua_api_lib.oCamlFunction you have created to be executed as "__gc" metamethod and "decorates" it with some default actions needed to deallocate all the memory.
multret [Lua_api_lib]
Option for multiple returns in `Lua.pcall' and `'.

newmetatable [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_newmetatable documentation.
newstate [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_newstate documentation.
newtable [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_newtable documentation.
newthread [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_newthread documentation.
newuserdata [Lua_api_lib]
newuserdata is the binding of lua_newuserdata but it works in a different way if compared to the original function, and the signature is slightly different.
next [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_next documentation.
noref [Lua_aux_lib]
Value returned by `luaL_ref` and `luaL_unref`.

objlen [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_objlen documentation.
openlibs [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_openlibs documentation.
optint [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_optint documentation.
optinteger [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_optinteger documentation.
optlong [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_optlong documentation.
optlstring [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_optlstring documentation.
optnumber [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_optnumber documentation.
optstring [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_optstring documentation.

pcall [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_pcall documentation.
pop [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_pop documentation.
pushboolean [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_pushboolean documentation.
pushcfunction [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_pushcfunction documentation.
pushfstring [Lua_api_lib]
Pushes onto the stack a formatted string and returns the string itself.
pushinteger [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_pushinteger documentation.
pushlightuserdata [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_pushlightuserdata documentation.
pushliteral [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_pushliteral documentation.
pushlstring [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_pushlstring documentation.
pushnil [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_pushnil documentation.
pushnumber [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_pushnumber documentation.
pushocamlfunction [Lua_api_lib]
pushresult [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_pushresult documentation.
pushstring [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_pushstring documentation.
pushthread [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_pushthread documentation.
pushvalue [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_pushvalue documentation.
pushvfstring [Lua_api_lib]

rawequal [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_rawequal documentation.
rawget [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_rawget documentation.
rawgeti [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_rawgeti documentation.
rawset [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_rawset documentation.
rawseti [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_rawseti documentation.
ref_ [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_ref documentation.
refnil [Lua_aux_lib]
Value returned by `luaL_ref` and `luaL_unref`.
register [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_register documentation.
register [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_register documentation.
registryindex [Lua_api_lib]
Pseudo-index to access the registry.
remove [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_remove documentation.
replace [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_replace documentation.
resume [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_resume documentation.

setfenv [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_setfenv documentation.
setfield [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_setfield documentation.
setglobal [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_setglobal documentation.
setmetatable [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_setmetatable documentation.
settable [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_settable documentation.
settop [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_settop documentation.
status [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_status documentation.

thread_status_of_int [Lua_api_lib]
Convert an integer into a thread_status.
toboolean [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_toboolean documentation.
tocfunction [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_tocfunction documentation.
tointeger [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_tointeger documentation.
tolstring [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_tolstring documentation.
tonumber [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_tonumber documentation.
toocamlfunction [Lua_api_lib]
tostring [Lua_api_lib]
tothread [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_tothread documentation.
touserdata [Lua_api_lib]
If the value at the given acceptable index is a full userdata, returns its value as Some `Userdata v.
type_ [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_type documentation.
typename [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_typename documentation.
typename [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_typename documentation.
typerror [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_typerror documentation.

unref [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_unref documentation.

where [Lua_aux_lib]
See luaL_where documentation.

xmove [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_xmove documentation.

yield [Lua_api_lib]
See lua_yield documentation.